• To provide opportunities for members of the Club to meet one another, and avenues for social, cultural and academic activities amongst members.
  • To enable graduates to maintain close links with the NUML.
  • To promote the interest of the members of the Club.
  • To promote community service activities.
  • To publish papers, journals and other materials in furtherance of the above objects.
  • To foster relations with other bodies, societies and organizations, which have objects related to or complementary to the objects of the Club?
  • To promote continuing education programs and to organize talks and forums in furtherance of the Club's objects.
  • To establish in conjunction with other bodies within or outside Pakistan, affiliations or working groups or relationships in any matter likely to prove beneficial or of interest to members and to the Club.
  • To incorporate a corporate entity, which may enter into commercial arrangements, with any other associations, clubs, institutions, appropriate organizations or companies in furtherance of the objects of the Club.