1. To foster the benefits for Alumni, the club would invite and welcome suggestions by and from the Alumni. For the purpose written suggestions should be submitted to Honorary General Secretary in writing or through e mail.

2. The club has certain plans on its agenda that would be discussed in annual general meeting and after due approval will be forwarded to all the members. These are:-

  • Provision of venue to Alumni for their business meetings etc
  • Refresher courses / Training course & Certificates offered to members
  • Fee concession to the children of members on courses offered in different departments of NUML
  • Establishment of a health club for the members
  • Issuance of an Alumni card to members providing an access to the university
  • Membership of NUML library
  • Website with online subscription, blog, discussion forum
  • Digital connection through social media including facebook, linkedin & twitter
  • Database of Alumni
  • Ghazal gala & family dinners
  • Alumni Promotion Center