NUML Alumni Club (NAC)


Since long it’s been pride of NUML that thousands of its students successfully complete their courses/degrees from this prime institution and become active and beneficial part of the society, whereby, their achievements by holding various prime appointments in different institutions added with excelling in their respective field brings laurels for them and for the institution. Unfortunately after leaving NUML the communication between ex-students and the institution is broken up due to lack of any common interactive forum or platform. The loss of contact not only results into lack of affiliation with NUML, but also denies the understudy students from the requisite support of NUMLian alumni which could have been extended by virtue of their prime position, knowledge or experience in different fields. Although a few fragmented initiatives have been taken by departments at their level, NUML ORIC has taken initiative to lay the foundation of NUML Alumni Club to strengthen society.


NUML Alumni Club (NAC) is the functional unit of Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization and is working under the supervision of director, ORIC Prof. Dr. Karamat Ali. Whereas Gulfam K. Khalid, Manager University Industry Linkages is the unit (NAC) coordinator. NAC coordinates with each department via ORIC focal persons/coordinators (or anybody nominated by respective departments) from each departments. NUML Alumni Club is neither in conflict with nor authority upon any of the departmental alumni. Each department is responsible for the sustainability of their own departmental alumni club. ORIC just promotes these clubs as alumni of each/any department are by default the member of NUML Alumni Club. The role of ORIC is to facilitate all departments to strengthen their capabilities to synergize the cause.